How does it work?

SIM is a software and hardware complex designed for conducting interactive surveys and demonstrating information and advertising messages.

SIM is a direct channel of communication with your customers and clients. It is an opportunity to find out their opinion, preferences, desires and remarks.

Advertising and surveys are displayed on a 10-inch tablet computer, which is stationary installed in the place accessible to contact.

What is SIM?


  • 10" tablet computer
  • Anti-vandal fastening
  • Data transmission channels

Program part

  • Android app "SIM display"
  • Сontrol program "SIM control"
  • Servers

How is information updated?

The user is provided with an individual study (account).

* The user manages the content on all tablets connected to the account in the program "SIM control", which is a browser app.

* "SIM control" allows:

  • Control current surveys and advertising
  • Manage surveys
  • Plan and manage advertising campaigns
  • Generate reports on all surveys

* Survey data is received every hour.

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